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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  June 19, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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uadruple the size of our floor space. and the more we expand, the more space we have for instruments and musicians to come play them. rock n roll will never die. how can the plum card's trade terms get your business booming? booming is putting more music in more people's hands. right now on msnbc -- the skull prop in court that brought casey anthony to tears. a forensic expert takes the stand and calls the autopsy performed on caylee shoddy. all of this, a new threat from the judge aimed at anthony's attorney. a flight attendant under arrest. he stole someone's identity to land a job. a grassroots surge for congressman ron paul. he wins another straw poll at a gop conference. there l. this change any long shot status for 2012? ♪
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a rock 'n' roll great is gone. clarene clemons, sax player for bruce springsteen's e street band dead at age 69. good morning, i'm chris jansing, in for alex witt. happy father's day to all of you. shades of o.j. at the casey anthony murder trial. a renowned expert who testified at simpson murder trial called the autopsy performed on caylee anthony shoddy. he's dr. westernor spitz. the judge is threatening to hold the lead defense attorney in contempt of court. here's nbc's brian mooar with the latest. >> reporter: forensic expert who worked on high-profile cases ranging from jfk to o.j. says it's impossible to tell how
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caylee died. >> if the head was not opened what else was not examined? >> reporter: saturday's court session focused on duct tape. he believes it wasn't placed over the child's mouth but on her skull, long after she was dead. >> in my opinion the duct tape was stuck on there after the skin had deteriorated. >> reporter: and he didn't point the finger at the girl's mother, defendant, casey anthony. >> so your testimony is that the medical examiner's personnel took the hair that was not on the skull and placed it there for the purposes of this photograph? >> wouldn't be the first time, sir. >> mr. baez pull out the court's order. >> reporter: casey anthony's defense attorney, jose baez is in hot water after trying to get an expertness. to give opinions not included in a report he submitted before taking the stand. that blindsided the prosecution and violated a court order.
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>> to be quite frank, both sides have engaged in what i call game playing, okay? and this is not a game. >> reporter: the judge says he'll decide later whether to charge baez with contempt. >> later this morning, we'll talk with two legal experts about the defense strategy in this case and their decision not to come clean about throws witnesses. that's coming up at the bottom of the hour. to libya, where a nato attack this morning report lid killed seven people in tripoli. journalists went to a residential neighborhood where the strike took place. rescuers digging through the rubble looking for survivors. nbc's stephanie gosk is in tripoli. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the libyan government says that this confirms what they've been alleging all along, that nato is deliberately targeting civilians. officials tell us at least seven people were killed in the
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residential area, including a small child and that they believe more people might be underneath the rubble. this neighborhood, however, is known as an anti-gadhafi neighborhood, and at least two residents came up to reporters off camera and told them that an anti-aircraft gun had been stored behind the building. nato says it was conducting air strikes last night but they would not comment on this specific location. they tell us that an investigation is under way. chris? >> thank you very much. united airlines says there may be a few more flight delays today, stemming from a massive computer system failure that virtually shut down the carrier friday. it canceled 16 flights friday and 20 saturday. it caused 100 flights to be delayed. but the airline says the schedule should be almost back to normal today although it still noose explanation for the outage. heavy winds and rain slammed the southeast overnight.
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atlanta was the hardest hit. leaving one person dead after a tree crushed her car. the severe storm brought high wins uprooting trees and knocking down power lines. >> it's like just like a hurricane or something, just fast, furious, and scared us to death. >> georgia power reports outages for about 13,000 customers in metro atlanta and north georgia. here with your sunday forecast, the weather channel's alex wallace. good morning, alex. >> good morning, chris. we've got more storms to deal with again this morning. this time working our way through the midwest. you can see the line of storms here arching through parts of indiana as well as down into kentucky as well. big storms associated with this. that's why we have a tornado watch in place here, including louisville and numerous warnings in place out there. you can see the areas outlined in the yellow. these storms capable of producing wins in excess of 60, 70 miles per hour. we'll be watching this very, very closely. watch the threat for severe
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weather extending as well into parts of the carolinas as we head through the afternoon and working your way back up through parts of the plains, severe threats, hail, damaging winds but isolated tornadoes can't be ruled out, either. the other story has been the heat. in the blue dots behind me, those indicate where we saw record high temperatures on our saturday. plenty of triple digit heat. more of that to deal with for this afternoon. look at what oklahoma city's going to deal with, 103 scorching degrees. midland, 108. even areas that don't reach 100, it's going to feel like it. even into early next week, the heat continues. >> thank you. chalk up another straw poll victory for ron paul. the texas congressman ran away with the vote at the republican leadership conference, but perhaps the more sim bymbolic w for jon huntsman, he canceled due to illness but landed a
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strong second place. more analysis on the straw poll and the status of the republican field. michele bachmann fired up a packed room at the conference in minneapolis. the minnesota congresswoman foes cussed on the economy saying what president obama sees as a bump in the road is, quote, the grand canyon. she weighed in on debt ceiling. >> i have voted no on every single debt ceiling increase. i'm just here to tell you, as president of the united states, i will make the serious cuts that have to be made so we can finally get our budget to balance so we never have to raise the debt ceiling again. >> bachmann charged the president's policies are sending the country into a double dip recession. the deficit also the topic on the golf course between president obama and house speaker john boehner, although no deals were cut. and while the question still lings of how to pull the nation
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out of debt, both leaders made money for themselves on the 18th hole. athena jones has more from the white house for us. so let's talk a little bit of golf. what do we know about that outing? >> reporter: good morning, chris. the white house says this golf match was a chance for the president to get together with speaker boehner in a more casual setting, away from the confines of the white house or the halls of congress, and spend some time playing a game they both enjoy, the game of golf. from everything we've seen and heard, the foursome had fun out there on the links. >> you or me? >> reporter: a much-anticipated round of golf. president obama and house speaker john boehner hit the links saturday morning. teeing off at one of the president's favorite golf spots, andrews air force base in maryland, stirring up excitement on the course. the press was given rare access to a game that was part photo opportunity, part social event, and part shop talk. the pair have sparred off the green on everything from health care to the debt ceiling to
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libya. >> it's the kind of thing the president believe is useful for the leaders in washington to do more frequently, not the game itself, but to sit across from each other or engage with each another a nonconfrontational way. >> reporter: vice president biden and governor kasich rounded out the foresome. the house speaker showed why golf digest ranked him the 43rd best golfer in washington. the president came in at number 108 according to the magazine. he tapped in on that hole. sharing a pat on the back and a golf cart with the ohio republican, an avid golf who are wasn't about to pass up a chance to play with the commander in chief. >> if the president invites me to play golf, it's the president you don't say no to the president. >> reporter: the president took the wheel of the golf cart. there were no red states, no blue states, just the green. now according to the white house and the speaker's office, the president and the speaker teamed up to beat vice president biden and john kasich, the governor of
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ohio, winning the match on the 18th hole. and we're told that the president and speaker won $$2. each spent time at clubhouse watching the u.s. open coverage and spending time with the service members. >> no red states, no blue states, just the green, what a good line. the fbi's trying to figure out how an illegal immigrant used a fake i.d. to get a job as a flight attendant for american eagle airlines. 38-year-old porter of guiana is charged with six counts of identity fraud. federal authorities say he was captured saturday when captured to miami from london. here's reaction from some airline passengers. >> i was really surprised to hear that. i don't understand how that would happen. i mean in this day and age. >> with all of the security upgrades and all of that that's going on, you can't get through
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security checks i'm very very surprised. >> yes. there is an ongoing investigation to figure all this out. porter is being held on $1 million bond. legendary saxophonist affectionately known as "the big man" as died. clarene clemons, best known as a member of bruce springsteen's legendary e street band passed away from complications from a stroke suffered a week ago. for 40 years his sax solos the backdrop to tracks of "born to run," "10th avenue freeze out" and "jungle land." last night the boss himself i'ved a brief but poignant statement. quote, his loss is immeasurable. clarene clemons was 69 years old. expert witness for the defense says caylee anthony's autopsy was shoddy. will jurors buy his version of events? resigned from congress but
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don't that mean his lose his pension. how much you and i will be paying the former congressman. the new royal couple california dreamin'. what they'll see, all ahead. this is "msnbc sunday." [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies. more passion for the one ya love. more fun with your family and friends. it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t. come on, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. [ motor starts ]
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strong winds today expected to further fuel the flames in arizona's largest wildfire. fire officials say the high winds might prevent water dropping helicopters and air tankers from helping ground crews. the three-week fire which charred 500,000 acres has moved into new mexico. investigators believe it was a single campfire that probably caused it. two persons of interest have
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been questioned in the case. ron paul claimed first place in the republican straw poll yesterday. but jon huntsman may have won the day with a surprising finish. huntsman came in second, garnering twice the number of votes as the next contender, bachmann. mitt romney skipped the conference and ended up fifth. tim pawlenty finished far below rest with 18 votes. eleanor clift is a contributing editor for "newsweek" and the da daily business. good to see both of you. happy father's day. good morning. >> good morning. robert, ron paul typically finishes at the top of the gop straw poll. for nothose not schooled in the ways of straw polls what's the impact? >> the reason it happens, as you know, straw polls are made up of of the grass tops activists, the activists that get up every single day and think about the next president four, eight years
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down the line, the true volunteers, the politically savvy in the states, whether it's iowa, south carolina, new hampshire. so they're more in tuned with politics than the average person out there. thus in the process, ron paul speaks to them and ron paul is the toype of candidate that the want to win the white house. >> ron paul will not win the nomination. >> the true believers believe something completely different. reminds me of 2007 when dennis kusinich was at the top of some of the polls. it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. it matters who has the staying power to win the election come november 2012. >> could it jon huntsman? he canceled the speech because hen wasn't feeling well and hasn't officially announced. what you think about his chances? >> the fact that he did well in the straw poll says more about the yearning among republican activists for a new and different face, and jon huntsman is the mystery meat of the
8:18 am
campaign. heat getting a lot of rave reviews a, a lot from the media, reporters followed him on the trail find he's a natural politician, at ease with himself in a way that mitt romney isn't and i think they're competing for the same vote. and if he had shown up and gotten these votes, i would say, gee, if people get to see him, they're going to really be wowed. but the fact that he did this without being there, i think says more about the yearning in the field for something new and different than it says about huntsman himself. >> let's talk about mitt romney a little bit. what do you think, robert? he won this four years ago but didn't show up this time. why do you think? >> mitt romney's a true business person. he likes to look at models and data and he realizes perhaps this is not his crowd. as i mentioned before there are a lot of grasses tops, true conservatives and true conservatives are mistrustful of romney because of romney care, because of the flip-flopping on the issues when he was running
8:19 am
against ted kennedy and so forth. mitt romney may look the part he doesn't act the part for a lot of the grassroots people. they simply do not trust him a lot of folks, remember this, a lot of the grassroots people were told to hold their nose and vote for john mccain in 2008 and did it reluctantly and they don't want to do it again. >> talk about a couple of the alternatives to romney. michele bachmann had a good week, strong debate performance. she's gotten exuberant receptions at conservative conference in minneapolis. her star's rising, yes? >> yeah, she was the breakaway star this week. if you had no memory of some of the gaffes she's made in the past, you would believe that a star was born. and i think she really opens up the rift within the republican party because the party professionals, i don't believe she can go all the way and they're nervous that they could end up with a situation where she does really well and could be in effect demanding a spot on
8:20 am
the ticket. they don't think she's someone who can appeal to the country at large. so i would look at scrutiny of michele bachmann to begin and some of the scrutiny's going to come from fellow republicans who are really nervous about how well she might do on the campaign trail. >> eleanor, robert, thank you so much. >> thank you. three weeks of scandal and now he's done with congress. don't think he's leaving empty handed. what the now former congressman weiner walks away with. later -- i walk back in time with a true american hero. my journey back to the battlefield where colonel jack jacobs earned the congressional medal of honor.
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calling for a referendum on changes to the political system, including the country's constitution. greece is trying to get a fresh $155 billion bailout and warning that the greek debt crisis could spread to five other countries. another video game system has been hacked, the sega pass system, e-mail addresses, birthdays and encrypted passwords have been stolen from online databases. but no financial information was taken. even though anthony weiner is leaving congress over his twitter scandal, he's entitled to sweet government benefits. weiner could collect an estimated $46,000 per year in pension when he turns 62, according to "newsweek." eventually, he'll have access to more than $216,000 that he built up in a congressional savings plan. those are just the cash perks. daniel stone senior report for
8:25 am
"newsweek." his article on weiner's retirement is posted on the daily good morning. happy sunday to you. >> good morning. >> so what are these so-called parting gifts that anthony weiner will get? >> they're not just gifts, they're things he gets to keep on to, hang on to for his entire life and they include being allowed to mingle on the floor of congress and the house when a foreign head of state comes to address a joint session or for the state of the union. he's allowed there as long as he lives, so long that's done become a lobbyist. also allowed a parking spot, prime parking in washington, right on the house side of the capitol, as long as he lives space permitting. and he's going to be allowed access to the house gym and all of their facilities where, of course, there were those photos taken, questionable photos, that led to his downfall. he's going to be allowed in there also as long as he lives to mingle with members. >> i cannot imagine the circumstances which he'd want to go back to that house, but
8:26 am
certainly stranger things have happened. it doesn't make a difference that he's resigning in scandal. these are the same perks he would get if he was retire, right? >> right. every member of congress who leaves with a couple of exceptions. one, if he were expelled from the house if a majority of congress voted him out, then, he wouldn't get to go back at all. if he becomes a lobbyist, there are obvious restrictions about how much access he can have to current members. but neither of those are the case here, and we don't know what he's going to do flex. so long as he done get into lobbying, he'd be allowed perks the same member who leaves after they retire. >> that costs the government money. also his new york distract, they're going to wrack up bills because they have to hold a special election. >> within the next three to six months that district is holding an election. the state of new york held a lot of the elections over the past year, eric massa who resigned last year, republican chris lee who resigned this year, both
8:27 am
from new york, both of those special elections cost around $1 million. congresswoman jane harman out in los angeles who also resigned earlier this year for another job, her special election cost about $1.5 million. >> wow. >> these aren't splal numbmall >> read more about this at still to come, the president and the speaker of the house hit the link but was did they find common ground on the greens? stay tuned. this is "msnbc sunday." [ mor humming ] [ alarm beeping ] [ beeping stops ] [ motor slows, stops ]
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half past the hour. welcome back. i'm chris jansing. a pivotal day of testimony in the casey anthony murder trial this weekend. a forensic expert says the autopsy performed on 2-year-old caylee was shoddy. dr. werner spitz took the stand saturday for casey anthony, the 25-year-old charged with killing her daughter caylee in 2008. spitz challenges the autopsy results of the orange county
8:31 am
florida medical examiner because the skull was not opened during the official autopsy. >> excuse me, the expression, but you provoked it, a shoddy autopsy, because if the head is not opened, what else wasn't examined? >> let's bring in our legal panel to weigh in. attorney richard roth, found or of the roth law firm, deanna tennis, i criminal defense attorney joining us orlando. dr. spitz said it was a failure that caylee's skull was not opened during the official autopsy. dr. spitz conducted a second autopsy later. what is the jury to make of this? >> well, dr. spitz was right. i mean they should have done a complete autopsy. the problem, though, is that once dr. spitz did the entire autopsy, he didn't find much more than the actual coroner found. what he found was that the head there was sedment on left side and therefore the head would have been lying on the left side as opposed to upright which the prosecutors maintained. but there's no harm, no foul,
8:32 am
because there was hurricane faye, there were animals that moved the skull. i don't know how much impact that's going to have. >> beyond the testimony, when photos of her daughter's skull were opened in court, casey anthony started to cry. we've seen her cry before. but how much of an impact t typically do you think photos or the defendant's tears have on a jury? >> in my experience, jurors will have different thoughts about what that means. does it mean that she's crying because she's sorry that she killed her daughter? does it mean that she's crying because she's emotional that her daughter's dead? i think they are more focused on the evidence typically than they are about her reactions. >> dr. spitz believed the duct tape found on caylee's skull was not applied until after her body had decomposed. the prosecution claims casey used the the doubduct tape to s her daughter.
8:33 am
is this enough to raise reasonable doubt? >> i thought he would have been better off sticking with they went to far when she said it had to be homicide, couldn't have been an accident. dr. spitz made good ground there. also goes too far to the other direction to say the duct tape was put on after decomposition, there wasn't dna so that doesn't make any more sense to me in the absence of dna than it would have been being put on prior. i think he went too far the other direction. >> richard, a lot of this can get very complicated and jurors are left without scientific degrees to sift through one competing scientist against another competing scientist. when they hear that a dr. spitz testified not just at o.j. searchson trial but consulted on the murton luther king jr. case, on the j.f. kennedy assassination, does that give him more credibility? >> not necessarily. i think dr. spitz was effectively crossed by ashton
8:34 am
because what he showed was that dr. spitz wants to be in the limelight, dr. spitz had several interviews, he's here for show and frankly, i thought that the prosecutor did a very good job in cross-examining dr. spitz in connect with the tape because he showed that, in fact what would have had to have happened the skull, which was off the mandsable, would have had to have been put back together tape put on in the exact anatomical fashioned that been done earlier on. i don't believe dr. spitz was that feickive. i think the testimony that was compelling, that it was shoddy practice but in the end i still say no harm, no foul. i don't think dr. spitz did that much for the defense. >> thanks to both of you. syrian troops have taken over a town near the turk irk border. they moved in with tanks and heavy machine gunfire to quell a two-week long uprising in the area. the move will stop food and water from reaching thousands of peep who have been displaced by violence. nbc's michelle kosinski is live
8:35 am
in the region for us. how big a problem is this from a humanitarian standpoint? >> reporter: hi, chris. every day we look at this situation and especially in northern towns ander there were protesters but the arm rolled in, not just the first place, but in the towns surrounding it and you look again and you say, wow it was worse than the day before. now the journalists have been able to talk to the refugees, it's estimated 10,000 have crossed the board for in turkey, where they are in fairly good condition. turkey has built camps though with storms, et cetera, it's -- the conditions are rough, considering what it is there. you can expect some of that. but they have been telling storys now to journalists of torture, saying they were detained by arm troops and being treated to electric shocks, beatings, that sort of thing. also that the army has used brutality throughout for at least a week.
8:36 am
it was difficult to know what was going on in those towns. but the people who fled are saying that the army, when they rolled in, they basically not only detained and killed people, but also burned fields, killed animals. it sounds like scenes of destruction. we've been able to see some pictures of it coming out. but so far, the regime has refused to really do anything to quell the protests. so the regime has been mostly silent but not changing anything. protesters, though, over the past few days, as they've kept coming out are saying we are refusing to stop also and that might be showing some crack because the brutality has not stopped the protests. >> michelle kosinski in cairo, thank you. our world view this morning, poland with a deadly plane crash. it happened during an air show. the single-engine plane was doing a stun when it began spewing dark smoke and plunged into a river. rescue workers pulled the pilot
8:37 am
from the wreckage but unable to save him. argentinargentina, police h luxury boat ashore only to find 1,000 pounds of cocaine under the floor. what a getaway. and a graffiti artist allowed to go wild in the city of lights on saturday. he spray painted a 3700-square foot furle on to the side of a building. the piece is called shhh, and the artist says it's not telling people to be quiet but just take a moment to appreciate their city and fellow citizens. as president obama's july deadline to begin drawing down troops from afghanistan approaches the debate in washington is focused on how fast that troop reduction should happen. and fear that a u.s. exit could unravel the progress made in the count country. it does bring back memories of a withdrawal debate in the vietnam era. thousands of u.s. soldiers also paid the ultimate price.
8:38 am
244 vietnam veteran as warded the medal of hopp honor, 153 di not come home. among those who did, our friend and military annual lift, colonel jack jacobs, and he returned to the place where he almost died four decades ago. >> reporter: far away from the noise, the bustle, and the youthful optimism of modern day vietnam, a place where banana boats navigate the river, mothers and daughters bathe along the shore. where time seems to stand still. and where so many of an american generation left behind their innocence. the mekong 2011, forhe first time since the vietnam war, jack jacobs returned. >> it's almost as if time has gone backwards for me. >> reporter: walking the jungles and muddy swamps where he fought the viet cong -- >> one time we went on a patrol
8:39 am
and we were in water about chest-deep all day long. >> reporter: on a search for the battlefield where he very nearly died 43 years ago. >> this is the deal. we landed here and moved almost dew north. >> reporter: armed with gps coordinates and images seared indelibly in his memory, he found it. >> this is it. this is it. this is all open field back then. >> reporter: the rice paddy has been flooded for fishing but in the eyes of a retired colonel, it's as if he can see himself all those years ago a 22-year-old first lieutenant cam in an ambush, seriously wounded in a hail of devastating machine gun and mortar fire. i wonder, as you stand here now, jack, if you can hear what you heard, smell what you smelled that day. does it come back to you? >> oh, sure. the crack of a rifle and machine gunfiring and the explosions, one which wounded me, you don't hear it so it's close.
8:40 am
you feel a rush of warm air and get lifted up. i was surprised initially. i thought that it was a mistake. i wasn't supposed to be wounded. it always happens to somebody else. and you reach up and you've got a hole in your head. >> right. and you're convinced, you're convinced it's -- it's not happening. and then you realize it really is happening. >> reporter: bleeding profusely, blinded in one eye, his hearing permanently impaired, jacobs went back on to the battlefield again and again and again, saving 14 lives that day until he collapsed and was medevaced unconscious to a military hospital after a harrowing rescue. >> for conspig cuous gallantry and at the risk of his life -- >> reporter: jack jacobs awarded the medal of honor by president richard nixon. >> danger does not make heroes. it finds them. >> reporter: it found jack jacobs march 9, 1968.
8:41 am
all 5'4" of him, with shrapnel in his head, ammunition flying. scenes that punctuate his occasional nightmares even now and that so many years later drew him back to vietnam. >> my memory's not so good, but standing here it's good now. it was important to me, for an unexplainable series of reasons, that i had to be here and i had an opportunity to do so and here i am. >> join me now on set, colonel jack jacobs. we've seen this a few times now, jack. but looking at it, it still give me chills. what about you? >> it does me too. it's very strange going back to some place you haven't been in over 40 years. when it looks the same but it done feel the same at all, and your memory it's all seepa, it's all black and white. it's got no color. and it probably didn't in real life in any case because the people weren't there to till the fields and so on. when we went back, there was all
8:42 am
green. they got three rice crops a year there. it was a fish farm there. people buying bananas, coconuts, going about daily lives, and none of that was happening. when we got there it was bullets and shrapnel flying around. it looks the same but it doesn't feel the same. >> let's talk about how it help. you and i went to a number of different places and you see a very vital city, hanoi has one of the most vibrant economies. do you think -- i guess do you look at it and say, my friends who died there, my friends who were wounded there, all of us who bare the scars of having been there, did we accomplish something important there? >> oh, i think we did not. i think that those of us who fought knew we were not. the political decisions that were being made to run the war were made by people who did not understand what was going on. but you know what the point of the spear, you're not thinking about those idiots, pinheads back in washington and paris and
8:43 am
so on. you're thinking about your buddies and in the end, you do what you can to save them and accomplish the fissimission. overall we didn't accomplish any of the things that we were supposed to and as a result you could say persuasively all of those people were hurt in vain. >> and let's talk a little bit about the ceremony with the medal of honor. it was a very different time then. it's not like, frankly, when folks come back from afghanistan and iraq, and we so honor their service. there was such a strong anti-war feeling about vietnam, many veterans got a less than friendly return. do you remember that moment? >> oh, i do indeed. with respect to people coming home i was lucky i was in the military and stayed in the military. i was in a closed environment. but i had lots of friends who came back home and were spat upon and yelled at for being baby killers and so on. so that's almost as, in some
8:44 am
cases, more traumatic than actually fighting. with respect to the white house ceremony, at stonishing thing was not being at the white house or talking to president nixon or any of that stuff. the most astonishing thing was that, at the time they had the ceremony out on the white house lawn, they opened up all of the gates to the white house grounds and let anybody who wanted to, government employees, unemployed people, homeless people, terrorists, anybody -- >> that would never happen today. >> no, you can even walk down pennsylvania avenue without a machine gun and passport. back then they opened up the entire white house grounds. if you wanted to, you come and see it. that's the thing that startled me the most about the ceremony. >> you had an extraordinary meeting about the viet cong general who gave the order to ambush your men. see more of our trip back to vietnam. go to
8:45 am
thank you so much. >> you're welcome. every wonder what it takes to be a navy s.e.a.l.? local high school and college athletes stepped up to find out in washington, d.c. on saturday. so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pill now? aghh i've got heartburn in my head. [ male announcer ] stop the madness. take prilosec otc for frequent heartburn. one pill a day. twenty-four hours. zero heartburn. no heartburn in the first place. great. [ male announcer ] use as directed for 14 days.
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>> hoping to capitalize on the success of "thor" and "x-men" can green lantern battle its way to the top of box office? take a look. >> run! >> let's get the details now from dawn yanic. is it coincidental you wore green? >> i think it was sublimb mal.
8:49 am
i did see the movie yesterday. >> it didn't get fantastic reviews. >> it's gotten awful review, as a matter of fact. >> how did dough 'do? >> underperforming and expected to earn $5 million, but it's not too shabby, considering 3-d ticket prices are higher and it's a superhero movie so it has a built-in fan boy fan base. critical reviews were pretty bad. when i saw it, i had low expectations. so i enjoyed it. i was pleasantly surprised. >> my theory, men don't want to go because they're jealous of ryan reynolds because all women think he's the hottest map on the planet. not women like to go to these movies. >> it's a second tier character. not a lot people know about the green lantern. it's not as slick as batman but it's a fun, mindless summer movie. >> other releases "mr. popper's penguins." jim carrey is back. let's watch.
8:50 am
>> i have to sent the penguin back. >> send penguin. >> yes, send penguin. hello? oh! what am i going to do with you? >> so he plays this businessman who is trying to claw his way back to the top and somehow penguins get involved in the middle of this. >> exactly. the age-old story of the dad who doesn't have his priorities in order, puts work before family and inherits six penguins and that changes everything. this is underperforming as well. we have seen family fare in recent years doing well. this is only expected to bring in $19 million. it may get bumped out by "super 8 "as at its second weekend. >> then we have, i'm waiting, july 15th, the final installment of "harry potter." yes. the new trailer just released this week.
8:51 am
i get choked up every single time i see it. this is a multibillion dollar franchise. it's going to do so well. i think loyal fans were rewarded this week when the mysterious site called potter more popped up on the web. the new site -- >> she needs more publicity and to bring in more money at the box zblofs exactly. that poor women i mean, she's scrambling. >> only richer than the queen. >> exactly. >> i'm looking forward to it. a 3-d, too. >> we'll find out what it's all about 7:00 a.m. state side june 23rd. the website, not the movie. >> june 23rd? >> we'll find out what's going on. we'll have to wait until july 15th for the movie. >> july 15th for the movie in imax 3-d. thank you. speaking of buff guys like ryan reynolds every wonder what it takes to be a navy s.e.a.l.? local high school and college athletes stepped up to find out in washington, d.c. the s.e.a.l.s were at howard
8:52 am
university to raise awareness about the african-americans. as part of the s.e.a.l. fitness challenge they went through rigorous drills and endurance screening. hoping to get more diverse candidates into the highly competitive program. [ male announcer ] this is james. the morning after the big move starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now... and maybe up to 4 in a day. or, choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain.
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will and kate coming to america. the duke and duchess of cambridge scheduled to a take a three-day trip in july. the royal couple's schedule including ahigh profile polo charity event hobnobbing with politicos, a visit to an inner city school in l.a. and job fair for veterans. all eyes on kate, the duchess of cambridge's first trip abroad as a member of the monarchy. ron allen is live in london. people are abuzz about this here
8:56 am
in the states. why have will kate decided to make the trip? >> reporter: it's interesting, chris, it's the first time kate's ever going to be in america which is somewhat striking i guess. you'd think that she may have been more well travelled. she's certainly an educated woman. it's striking that she's coming to america for the first type. thises what the royals do. they're perhaps the country's best export. and this is about promoting british interests all over america and as you said before, in canada. and of course there's a lot about the hype as well. stories written about the fact that she's going to have i think 40 wardrobe change as long the way if you can believe the detail that comes out when trips happen. a lot of it will be scrutiny of her, what does she have to say, if anything, probably nothing publicly. we'll be leaning in to listen to the whispers. she has no solo events. she's going to be with the prince along the way. and again, it's just part of britain trying to promote itself abroad and expose these two
8:57 am
people, their best export, to the world. it's 11-day trip, 8 days in canada, 3 days in the united states, out west in california. why california? prince charles was in washington recently and prince harry was in new york some time last year. they like to spread themselves around. at hype is already under way, countdown -- they don't get to america for another couple of weeks, july 8th is the beginning of the trip -- but already people were r. buzzing where will they go? what will she wear? what will she look like? it's never ending. >> obviously, besides security and things that will be taken care of by folks here on the ground in the states, will they have a big enner tourentourage? will she have someone to take care of the 40 wardrobe places. >> reporter: the answer from the palace, no. there are seven or so in the entourage, mostly private secretaries and personal aides, people doing logistic stuff.
8:58 am
no dressers, no ladies in waiting. they're trying to put forward -- these are austere sometimes in the country and they're trying to scale back from the extravagance of the wedding and saying they have a common touch. >> i think when snooki was here at msnbc she had a bigger ent r entourage. coming up, nato unfire as the libyain government accuses the alliance of bombing a residential neighborhood. a case of identity fraud at 30,000 feet. unbelievable story of who was working as a flight attendant. and may be june but it done mean the snow's gone everywhere. where right stuff can still be found, coming up. i will send this to shelley. yeah. and i can have a proposal to you within half an hour. we're a small business. with 27 of us always in the field, we have to stay connected. we use verizon tablets, smartphones. we're more responsive. there are no delays. delays cost money.
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